Specialty Show

In 2022 ITCNY will be hosting two Club Specialties and Sweepstakes competitions. The first was in March in conjunction with the ITCA Travelling Specialty and our second will be our regular Specialty held with the Westchester Kennel Club Show held in Bridgewater, NJ.

Judges for our Specialty are:

Judge: Mr. Ken Murray
Ring 8, 8:00, entry:10

Saturday, Somerset Hills KC
Judge: Mrs. Connie Clark
Ring 1, 9:00, entry:11

Westchester K C
Sweepstakes Judge: Mr. Don Brouillette
Ring2, 10:45, entry 3
Breed Judge: Mr. Flickr-Petersen
Ring2, 11:00, entry:11

Club luncheon to follow breed judging after Sunday’s Specialty show.

Please check this site for additional details and plan to join us for the show and hospitality!