About the Irish Terrier

Irish Terriers are not large in size, about 18-19 inches at the withers, but huge in heart. They are game and independent, loving and sensitive. They can be wild, bullheaded, frustrating, and immensely entertaining - all at the same time. The breed's nickname is Dare Devil.  Need we say more?

They have a double jacket that should be a nice red color and quite harsh to the touch. This is their protection from the elements. The coat should be plucked to ensure that the color is maintained as the red is at the tip of each strand.  This is called hand stripping and it's not that hard to do.

They are wonderful with children but still - common sense must prevail.  Children must be taught how to handle any dog.  Once acquainted, an Irish Terrier will rapidly become the quintessential pal to everyone in his domain.  They are generally equal opportunity too.  Some dogs seem to lavish all their attention on a particular person - not the Irish!  They seek common ground with everyone. They want to participate in whatever activity is the most interesting at the moment and at day's end like nothing better than to cuddle with you.

They love to run and play - but Irish Terriers are very adaptable.  They can thrive in the city, suburbia or deep in the country as long as they are with their family.  They need that socialization and do not do well isolated from family activities.

Basic obedience should be taught - Irish are very smart and intuitive, but they do bore easily so short periods of training are recommended.  And most important - keep it FUN!  Be consistent - make sure that everyone in your Irish Terrier's life is "on the same page' to help the process along.  Helpful hint - keep the paper products out of reach.

You will find that breeders are not all the same.  You need to be comfortable with the person from whom you obtain your Irish Terrier.  This person is a resource you should be able to rely on for the life of your Dare Devil.  Don't be put off if you feel the breeder grills you.  We just want to be sure that our puppies end up in the very best situations.  You want to be sure that you know your source.  We know that the Irish are available on the Internet but please remember that your investment is long term.  Irish can live past 15 years.  Your association with a reputable breeder is a big part of your investment.